U.S. Woman Charged Over Attempted Dark Web Murder-for-Hire Paid With Bitcoin


A Wisconsin woman has been charged for trying to solicit a murder over the dark web paid for with bitcoin.

According to a report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Monday, Kelly Harper, 37, used a dark web site to pay the administrator to have a man tracked down and then killed. Harper has admitted to authorities she paid in bitcoin for the planned crime.

Three journalists investigating a story into the site’s dealings discovered the Wisconsin woman had been in communication with the admin, according to the report.

Upon request, Harper allegedly presented a sum of $5,633.87 in bitcoin to the admin as proof she could afford the hit. The journalists also found similar evidence of a completed bitcoin transfer to another murder for hire website in October.

After the journalists had got in contact with local law enforcement, FBI agents raided Harper’s home where they discovered screenshots of the dark web site on her computer. Their actions came before the murder could be carried out.

Messages were also discovered on Dec. 3, in which Harper said “the target needs to be killed,” while providing details of the man’s appearance, details of his vehicle, his place of work and phone number.

The woman is currently in custody and faces a maximum of 10 years in federal prison if convicted.


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