Taiwan’s Surprising Interest Rate Hike; Altcoins Outdo Bitcoin


“As DAOs spread, they will usher in a new way of working and a fierce new era of digital competition, and in doing so, transform traditional organizations.” (EY Global Blockchain Leader Paul Brady, for CoinDesk) … “But whether the economy can withstand rising rates during a period of geopolitical turmoil and a lingering [COVID-19] pandemic is a question without an immediate answer.” (The New York Times) … ‘’With the shadow of stagflation looming, the Bank of England is in a difficult predicament, so it restricted the rate rise to 0.25 percentage points to try and ensure growth isn’t choked off while it tries to get a grip on rampant prices. But this limited move means inflation will slip away and slide upwards again. The commodity chaos unleashed by the conflict in Ukraine, is set to feed through to consumer prices, and unwelcome energy bills are already poised to land on mats in April. The Bank is now predicting inflation rises to 8% in April and remains there for the rest of the quarter. It’s also expecting another peak in October, when the energy price cap rises again.” (Susannah Streeter, senior investment and markets analyst, Hargreaves Lansdown)


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