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There are, of course, many other reasons women are unfaithful: an affair can be an act of revenge on a partner who’s strayed first, or a way of expressing frustration at unreasonable behaviour. Men can’t understand why women are offended by sex. The period between sex and sleep is longer if sexual intercourse is in a place other than the bedroom, if it is earlier in the day, or if it occurs when people are rested rather than tired. Furthermore, their are many other activities where men hold their breath (e.g. swimming underwater, pearl divers) or have reduced oxygen levels (e.g. during athletic activities) without feeling an urgent desire for sleep. Men don’t want to accept that sex is so one-sided in case they lose out on sexual opportunities. Even though sex is clearly motivated by male arousal, men promote sex as a universal pleasure. Even in the cases where women have expressed their post-sex intimacy needs, the male partner seldom responds, continuing to fall asleep immediately after sex. So if you want to know how to please a man, then you need to learn some oral sex tips that will make his toes curl.

It is an irony that many men seeking to improve their sex lives focus on the physical side (in particular, penis size) and will often spend considerable emotional energy and money on trying to enhance these attributes, when all they need to do to please their partners more is to stay awake a few minutes. Indifference. This is the explanation most frequently given by women when asked why men fall asleep after sex. Women cannot understand why men find such a mundane act so fascinating. The women’s liberation movement involves women negotiating with men for special treatment. It is in women’s nature to give way. Always give and receive of your love freely and let it grow in your children. Just as men naturally love sex, women are naturally indifferent to it. Well you can jump in head first and maybe be drowned like a tender reed or you can sail above it and let love be part of your whole life and let it carve a character in you.

The first explanation also provides a partial explanation. The first step in solving this problem is to understand it. If more men would take a step back and view the situation from a more comprehensive vantage point there would be a lot less whimsical, unworkable, hopeless relationships that have ultimately taken the attractiveness out of the relationship world altogether. Describing Dan as a ‘nice guy’, free nud webcam Gabby said she hoped for the sake of Dan and Jacqueline’s relationship that the allegations were false. Men enjoy sex regardless of any relationship. In a long-term relationship, such repeated post-sexual disappointment can easily damage the sexual relationship as well as the relationship more generally. Your personal trainer has studied the history of the tango as well as the dance moves. It gives us a great reason us be more adventurous, more self-assured, and more Free nud webcam, which may very well filter down into our everyday lives. That apathy is the horror Free nud Webcam of White Bear, which sees a woman chased down the streets by thugs with guns. Intercourse, as an act of impregnation, provides a woman with little sensation.


The act of sex, while physical in nature, is not so physically strenuous as to produce exhaustion requiring immediate sleep. One of the most common sexual problems between men and women is that men tend to go to sleep very soon after sex, a time when most women want to cuddle and/or talk. Oxygen deprivation. Sexual studies have noted that men often hold their breath during sex, especially during climax. But this demand for special treatment convinces men of their own superiority. Male superiority is often assumed. Male sex drive causes men to prey on women. His sex drive (urge to penetrate) motivates him to want to mate with her. When a woman is angry with a man, she doesn’t want him to touch her. But what does a woman want to catch, overpower and dominate? Male ego causes men to talk about giving a woman an orgasm. Men prefer to engage in active pursuits rather than care for others.

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