Geoff Russ: Vaping Rules Are All About Defending Tobacco Tax Revenues


Only 2% of California highschool college students smoke cigarettes. In use, it feels just like the type of bowl you would possibly smoke cannabis with-only no lighter required. The research results, nevertheless, recommend that limiting sales to tobacco and vape shops won’t help and might truly harm efforts to curb underage smoking and vaping. The Manitoba government’s Non-Smokers Health Safety and Vapour Products Act prohibits vaping by people below the age of 18.

It additionally bans vaping in indoor public locations like colleges, libraries, hospitals, malls, restaurants and indoor workplaces. I see it as my responsibility to help clear up this drawback and i believe our entire industry has a role to play. In 2020, Nova Scotia’s authorities gutted the burgeoning e-cigarette business with a provincial ban on the sales of flavoured vape us liquids, apart from tobacco (which makes little sense because e-cigarettes are naturally flavourless and vape Us many individuals who have stop smoking don’t have any want for something that tastes like simulated burnt plant matter).

Meals and Drug Administration announced its intent to limit sales of flavored tobacco merchandise, with the exception of menthol, to age-restricted adult-solely locations like tobacco and vape cbd retailers. “We don’t know why underage gross sales were extra common for vape shop merchandise than cigarettes, however, young persons are extra seemingly to use vape kits merchandise rather than cigarettes,” mentioned lead examine author April Roeseler of the California Tobacco Control Program at the California Division of Public Health in Sacramento.

Their use of vaping merchandise is prohibited wherever tobacco smoking is banned. The American flavour ban worked, as teenage Vape Kits use decreased. Well being Canada is considering a countrywide flavour ban on all digital cigarette merchandise, except for the flavours of menthol and vape us tobacco. While flavour bans are intended to cut back vaping rates among youth, that benefit is outweighed by its unfavourable penalties: a flavour ban will kill jobs, drive many back to smoking cigarettes and pack cancer wards from Charlottetown to Victoria.

Appropriate, federally permitted flavours encourage grownup smokers to try vaping (which, it ought to be famous, is taken into account by Well being Canada to be less harmful than smoking, and by Public Well being England to be at the very least 95 per cent less dangerous).

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