Coinbase ($COIN) CFO Sights Near Term Bitcoin Bounce Back


Coinbase CFO, Alesia Haas in an interview on 13th May with CNBC on NewsAlert expressed dismay over the recent fall of Bitcoin. She further disclosed that she’s unaware if the recent events will be put on halt or if it will continue.

Coinbase CFO assures investors of greater heights

Alexis Haas expressed optimism and assured that Coinbase will surpass this fall, coming out stronger and better. Haas went on to thank cryptocurrency investors, and called on them to keep believing in Coinbase. She assures that the company will bounce back and achieve greater height.

During the interview, Alesia Haan noted that even though the prices on Q1 fell, just like Q3 the prices on the platform are stable, they have been continuation of strong market shares.

However, prices dropped from the Q4 level, and there has not been a large number of asset movements. They move on the platforms majorly from decentralized to centralized crypto, giving people the change to explore.

Additionally, Haan notably stated that 


“It never feels good to watch stocks fall and to watch crypto fall. But you have to remember that this has been ten years, we have situs judi slot online gampang menang navigated through crypto cycles. So we have been through these turns, and we gave always come out stronger”

Bitcoin’s recovery is already in motion

Meanwhile, Bitcoin (BTC) is leading the market’s recovery. Bouncing back from its low of $26,350, Bitcoin is now up nearly 5%, bringing Bitcoin’s price value to $30,470. 

However, Bitcoin bulls will need to do way more that they are already doing, to either keep Bitcoin stable, or push the price of the benchmark cryptocurrency higher. 

At press time, Bitcoin’s 7-day consecutive losses have hit 16%; the third highest amongst the top five cryptocurrencies by marketcap, judi slot online jackpot terbesar behind Ethereum’s (ETH) 22% loss, and Binance (BNB) 20% loss.

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