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If you find ways to emotionally or physically avoid him or her, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are just too busy with work or the kids to connect. 2. I find a partner to hide this guilt. The second girl was a blond woman with glasses and a nice set of tits. All week My Yahoo group was getting messages about an upcoming visit to The Paris Theater by a beautiful girl from Canada. The plan was for her to make her first ever visit to The Paris Theater in Portland in order to fulfill some sexual fantasies. Many thanks to T2Please & Alicia for an outstanding first time report from Summit Street News. You owe it to yourself to visit Summit Street News if you are in and around Warren, OH. Are the results of the previous night’s theater orgy in the sports section? All in all it was a pretty good Monday for positive theater sex at The Paris.

The overall durability of the mattress will surely be put to the test during sex. Some of the gain will be obvious but usually it won’t be the bottom line gain. He will probably be open to more creativity and variation than you. Sure, anal requires a bit more prep work, but if it’s something you’re excited to add to you sexual repertoire, it’s totally worth it. This beautiful mattress has a nice foam feel, but way more bounce than you would expect. The other couples didn’t play by the way but they did stay to watch the show. Most men will agree that their girlfriend or wife does not watch Free View Porn however this may be not be the case for everyone you speak to. I think the ladies, who all came to play, were not disappointed by their experience and will definitely come again. The soft foams permit sleepers to sink in whilst on their aspects, at the same time as the coils provide first-class aid so that you received’t experience too sunken into bed.

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It was her first trip to an adult theater, the first time she had two men at once, one in her mouth and one in her pussy, and the first time she had fucked multiple men in one evening. As long time readers of The Journal are aware, Brent is the poet laureate of this thing of ours. Many thanks to Brent for this great report. Alicia and I thanked our friend for being a good audience, nodded a sign of thanks to the others as we left and went to the car. The male half of one couples asked if he could touch her breasts and when she nodded yes, he proceeded to fondle them for a few minutes. She and her man headed down to The Arena and for the next two hours, with a few breaks in between she proceeded to fuck, suck, jack, hug, get jizzed on, get groped , free view porn get fingered by the large crowd of adult theater sex devotees that were there for her pleasure.


This went on for a while and, just when the lights came up indicating that the theater was closing soon, the dominant led his lady naked into The Annex where he proceeded to fuck her doggy style while she sucked off a young George Michael type who had been watching them play. Duration of infection depends on type and severity. Make sure you check out his Yahoo Group HERE for all the goodness from Portland and elsewhere. I suck on him with long slow sucks; all the way to the base and out the the tip. Please make sure you check out Brent’s Yahoo Group HERE if you are not a member for the latest from The Rose City and abroad. Doc here with the first of two Daisy Train themed reports to hit The Journal in the next few days. Doc here with a repost from my good friend and colleague Brent from Portland. Her first visit to The Paris Theater was a unique, exciting and memorable event ,and I can hardly wait for Renee’s upcoming Friday adventure at The Paris Theater in Portland (ed. Mickey: We actually hired this band the first couple of performances that generally plays weddings and parties, and had them learn our songs the way that they would any others.

Doc, I hope my first submission was worthy as Alicia and I plan future excursions! For me, it is important to live in the present and prepare for the future. Actually it was three, but I wasn’t present when the hot MILF from a very conservative state came to The Paris on a warm Thursday night last summer and fucked and sucked every man in the place . I learned it was a night of firsts for her. By the way, the Renee’s Dom is a member of this group and I want to thank him for bringing Renee in to play and help her fulfill her sexual fantasies at The Paris Theater. By the way, I’m still hoping to read the beautiful Hawaiian Eyeful’s report of her Sunday morning visit to The Paris, either here, Dr. Emilio Lizardo’s site or both places. The single lady was still there, along with one of the guys she had played with earlier.

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