Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy Admits He ‘F*cked Up’ Selling Bitcoin


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Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy has admitted that he ‘f*ucked up’ when he sold his Bitcoin last yearMr. Portnoy explained that he could not handle the ups and downs of BitcoinHe added that he bet on himself and what he knewCrypto Twitter has lauded Portnoy for ‘being man enough’ to admit he was wrongAnthony Pompliano has advised Dave Portnoy that it is not too late to buy Bitcoin

Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy, has admitted via Twitter that he made a mistake selling Bitcoin too early. According to Portnoy, he ‘paper handed sold’ Bitcoin too early because he did not understand its up and downs. Mr. Portnoy also added that he took his money and put it on what he knew. At the time, Bitcoin was something that he did not know.

Mr. Portnoy shared his statement via the following Tweet in which he also congratulated Bitcoin investors on the recent BTC milestone of $61k.

Crypto Twitter’s Response to Portnoy Admitting he F*cked up

Crypto Twitter was quick to laud Dave Portnoy for admitting he was wrong as can be seen in the following samples of responses to his tweet.

It’s ok Dave, no harm done Have fun staying poor – @udiWertheimer

This guy deserves props. Respect. – @seanonolennon

That must be a bit painful to admit that we Bitcoin fan boys were freaking right when we told him to keep calm and hodl just because of a small dip occurring or buy even more. Well at least he’s man enough to admit it. Hope he bought in again recently. The party ain’t over Dave! – @dan1eLL

Dave Portnoy did a lot to help bar and restaurant owners during covid lockdown. He has the balls to admit that he fumbled the ball. If I run into this guy at a bar, I’m buying him a beer – @vegasgaucho

It is Not Yet Late to Get into Bitcoin

Furthermore, crypto Twitter was also quick to point out to Dave Portnoy that it was not yet late to get into Bitcoin. Below are some of the responses encouraging him to get back into Bitcoin.

It’s not too late, Dave! Come dance on graves with us. You’re the best in the business at that – @APompliano

Now buy Bitcoin and hold on for dear life. It’s a gravitational Black hole sucking all value worldwide into its force. – @realrockford


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